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What do we do?

We engage in long term relationships with our clients, developing deep expertise in their products, challenges and opportunities.
Our approach is iterative; we are constantly learning and improving upon the solutions we deliver. Some examples of our work include:

Virtually every car carrier in the US uses ‘The auto industry’s transportation marketplace’ to find cars to haul. In fact, tens of thousands of users move millions of vehicles a year on this platform, which is architected for scalability.

Case Study

Working closely with the World Resources Institute, the Maryland Department of Agriculture and many other state and local agencies, Drive Current built cutting edge tools for nutrient credit trading designed to clean up the Chesapeake bay.

Case Study

Used by facility managers at CVS to ensure more than 7,000 stores meet the high standards of this Fortune 100 company, ‘The Portal’ connects thousands of store managers with vendors across the nation as well as regional and corporate managers.

Case Study

It’s a tough word to pronounce, but eutrophication is the leading threat to water quality around the world. This award winning site includes an interactive map showing the progress of water pollution over time.

This full featured CRM application allows auto transport brokers to manage every aspect of their business from pricing jobs, to following up and closing sales, to invoicing customers and processing orders.

With dozens of different products deployed on six continents, the Advanced Pollution Instrumentation division of this global manufacturer had a problem – managing the spare parts to support their precise tools had become far too expensive.