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Your technology shouldn’t hold you back. It should grow your capabilities. We elevate what you have—modernizing it or finding a better platform or solution to meet your evolving needs and innovating for a future-proof digital landscape.

Drive Current is a one of the largest IT staffing agencies in the U.S. Beyond strategizing and implementing tech evolutions, we transform business. We bring technical strategies and tech solutions to your business and provide the skilled talent to execute it all.


Enhance your digital landscape with expert cloud solutions.

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Maximize your data potential and turn inputs into

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Unlock hidden insights and elevate your market advantage.

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Keep your tech running smoothly with dedicated support.

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Accelerate project lifecycles and foster continuous improvement.

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Full-Spectrum, Transformative Tech Solutions And Services

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Cloud Services

Your journey to a successful technology estate begins with Evergreen. We deliver holistic cloud solutions so your business can thrive like never before, whether it’s migration or modernization, single or hybrid environments. We support you with:

  • Strategic Cloud Guidance: Roadmaps, tooling, and governance models for your cloud journey.
  • Efficient Migration: High-volume migrations to the cloud.
  • Platform Engineering and Automation: Automate and optimize workloads in the cloud.
  • Continuous Improvement and Optimization: Planning for cost optimization, peace of mind, and regulatory compliance.

Data Services

Unlock the power of data with Evergreen. We transform scattered, duplicated, or siloed data into a unified force, maximizing your business’s potential. Make informed decisions, target the right customers, and stay ahead of the competition with our tailored data solutions.

  • Data Strategy and Governance: Expertise in governance, tooling, and the development of winning data strategies.
  • Optimized Architecture: Industry-leading models and scalable solutions for efficient data management.
  • Smart Technology: AI-powered insights, seamless migrations, and efficient operations for your business.
  • Data Strategy and Governance: Expertise in governance, tooling, and the development of winning data strategies.
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AI Solutions

Getting hidden insights, forecasting market trends, and creating innovative products and services—this is just a glimpse of how artificial intelligence (AI) can elevate your advantage in the market. Evergreen is here to seamlessly integrate these possibilities into your business through our advanced AI solutions.

  • Model Development: Build and train AI models.
  • Leading-Edge AI Platforms: Implement machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition.
  • MROI Optimization: Maximize your return on investment by leveraging AI to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation across your operations.

Application Services

Evergreen transforms overgrown and outdated tech landscapes into thriving ecosystems of modern, efficient, and high-performing applications. Benefit from improved performance, security, reliability, AI-driven analytics, and a modern user experience with our comprehensive application services. Explore our offerings:

  • Application Development and Testing: Build and test new applications or go mobile.
  • Application Modernization: Transform your legacy apps to modern, efficient, and secure platforms.
  • Managed Apps and Platforms: Let us handle the day-to-day operations, cost optimization, monitoring, and reporting, allowing you to focus on your core business.
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IT Service Management

No matter your tech focus, Evergreen improves the bedrock of your organization with enhanced IT service management. Our industry experts develop solutions that improve quality, scalability, retention, and innovation.

  • Enhanced ITSM: It’s essential that your IT services are available, effective, and efficient to meet your customers’ needs. We offer Tier 1 support, incident management, identity management, consolidation, and more.
  • Desktop services: When an employee’s machine isn’t working, they’re not working. We bring the operational know-how to manage, fix, and maintain your organization’s desktops and the teams that manage them.

Agile Services

Evergreen’s Agile experts help clients transition to scrum or Kanban, optimize existing teams’ Agile practices, and create new development teams using their preferred methodology.

  • Scrum as a Service: Drive continuous improvement and faster software project delivery with our scrum experts.
  • Kanban as a Service: Looking to switch your teams to Kanban and not quite sure where to start? We put you on the path to success.
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