Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why are we best

Global Talent Access

Not only unique methodology to find talent but also the solid network of consultants help us find the best talent for the job. We are able to find talent from our own strong database of over 20000 consultants or leverage the latest in technology to source a jobseeker. Our job seeker sourcing is not limited to traditional job boards but we respect and value the ever evolving social networking to ensure that the best talent is onboarded when you need one.

Value Driven Process

More than Twenty years of staffing expertise and having watched the staffing process from the word go, Drive Current’s executive team is intricately involved in ensuring a value driven, fail-safe process to deliver results. Trust, Connection and Purpose are our core values that keep our valuable partners the results that matter. With a core belief that every customer need is valuable, our team helps foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture while ensuring value to the customers and consultants.

Industry Expertise

We know what you are looking for, what can give you best results and when you are focused on your growth, our industry expertise helps you steer clear ahead of your competition. Our specialties include tech, retail, healthcare, telecom, finance and hospitality but our industry trained recruiters have an eye across the board. Drive Current serves hundreds of companies all across USA, Canada. Mexico and India. We integrate our tech and talent services, helping our clients realize the potential of future ready solutions, both at tech and talent spectrum.

Customer Care (that cares)

Our core belief is “People Make It, they Deserve the Best” and our consultant care team delivers highest level of professional services to our most important and integral talent. Our deep seated core beliefs and shared values keep relationships to the core and ensure that we are always the best people to work together.

Global Access

Drive Current optimizes cost by utilizing its state of the art infrastructure and people spread across the globe, to ensure that the client’s need is never compromised. Our global delivery centers in India, Phillipines and Mexico helps us realize the potential of our talented people in ensuring best results for each client.