Building products

that work.

Let’s build something!

Our process is rock solid!

We start with defining “done.” Our definition of “done” is when a feature or defect has been coded to our standards, reviewed by a peer, unit and automated acceptance tests have been written or modified, the branch has passed a build, the branch has been merged into trunk, and all tests have passed on trunk on the continuous integration server.

In other words… Done = Release Ready

It begins with...


We kick off the relationship with a discovery phase when we sit down to understand your needs and the needs of your customer. The result is a practical roadmap to a minimum viable product (MVP).

Team Building

Every project is different. We identify the skill-sets needed to get to MVP and then assemble motivated individuals committed to the product launch.

mix in a little bit of...

Collaborative Planning

Together with key stakeholders we define, prioritize and estimate features, and identify dependencies. When done, we have a long list of discrete, prioritized projects and we get to work on the highest value tasks immediately.

Iterative Development

We follow established agile and scrum best practices and we’ve implemented some best practices of our own. As work progresses we demonstrate what’s been done, solicit feedback and adapt to change.

and you get...

Product Launch

Hooray! Your product is live and being used by intended customers. We look to avoid surprises, anticipate growth and help you think through critical support and business issues as well.

Maintenance & Innovation

Stability and performance is now an ongoing consideration. We constantly iterate to improve the user experience by soliciting, prioritizing and implementing feedback from your end-users.