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You could describe us as an army of geeks who enjoy technical challenges and meaningful work. We understand the basic equation work = displacement / time. Team Drive Current has been carefully assembled to bring an exceptional skillset and strong experience to the projects we undertake.  We are thinkers and tinkerers, creators and debators.

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Joe Steinberger


Nickname: El Pollo Loco
Greatest Drive Current moment: Inaugurating the Sheldon H. Bu Game Room.
Something about me: I like to advise people up front that my sense of humor is remarkably dry and unfunny. I’m a big yoga advocate. I like to walk through supermarkets in other countries. I think Drive Current is a great company to work for and to do business with. I can say with conviction that almost all of the people on this page are quite good at their jobs and pretty decent co-workers.

Bryan Kocol


Nickname: B.F.K.
Greatest Drive Current moment: Converting old Intertune office into new awesome Drive Current office with Turtle and Joe.
Something about me: I love Comic-con. In the 90’s I got a patent for web analytics technology. At this point I think you could call me an agile evangelist. My wife and I have our own family scrum rituals. I’m one of the few true San Diego natives at the company. And I have an outstanding walking stick collection. I like craft beers and have been to most of the local breweries.

Jon St. John

Director of Engineering

Nickname: The Saint
Greatest Drive Current moment: January 2nd, 2008 – Finally joining the Drive Current team full-time after years of off-and-on part-time work.
Something about me: I have a passion for building things and solving interesting problems. Working at Drive Current is a great pleasure – not only do I work with a great team, but I also have limitless problem-solving opportunities. Previously, I’ve done diverse things, such as managing an organic farm, starting a small bakery and working for an environmental non-profit.

Joohyun Kim

Quality Assurance Manager

Nickname: Pinky Pie
Greatest Drive Current moment: Got Joe banned from talking to me by bringing him up as impediment continuously in meetings.
Something about me: I am a classically trained rocket scientist that had the misfortune of graduating right as the cold war ended.

David Schwartz

Sr. Software Developer

Nickname: Patient Zero
Greatest Drive Current moment: Winning the “New Employee” quiz about my coworker’s eccentricities even though it was mostly a matter of guessing, logic, and an unfair advantage.
Something about me: Married, two kids, love sports (Hockey, Football, Baseball, to name a few), love to curl up at the end of the day with a good book or in front of the TV.

Kathy Adamska

Sr. Software Developer

Nickname: Queen of Reports, Kath, You-Rock
Greatest Drive Current moment: Making a cardboard Hole in the Wall for Joe – and watching him struggle with it.
Something about me: I enjoy traveling to exotic places, hiking, and playing console games with my kids. Work at Drive Current is exciting and challenging, but I believe in the old famous quote: “We can do whatever“!

Brandon Smith

Software Developer

Nickname: Brandon Bear
Greatest Drive Current moment: Watching Zombieland on Halloween.
Something about me: I have been interested in programming since childhood. I also enjoy drawing, graphic design, playing guitar/drums, and being outdoors.

Sheldon Bu

Sr. Software Developer

Nickname: Xiaojun
Greatest Drive Current moment: First day, Halloween. It was fun to see all the decorations and costumes.
Something about me: I have worked at several “enterprise” class companies and know a variety of software languages, even some “old school” ones. I was a professional poker player for 7 years.

Jared Kuemmerle

Software Developer

Nickname: Zim
Greatest Drive Current moment: 11/2010: Company Poker Game: I play to the end and I lose all my chips in the final round, but have loads of fun in the process.
Something about me: Zend Certified Engineer and I like anything with ‘bacon.’

Chelsea Covey

Web Designer

Nickname: Chels’
Greatest Drive Current moment: The fist-bump conversation on my first day.
Something about me: I have always loved technology and art. I have applied my skills and keen sense of detail for art to creating user friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites. In my free time, I like to paint digitally using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Russell Austin

Software Developer

Nickname: Beard face
Greatest Drive Current moment: When I realized how much candy was in the office around December. The moments after eating all the candy would fall into the least great moments category.
Something about me: I once played in a chess tournament in high school, but I had to forfeit the last game because I had to get to work. The tournament organizer later came by the drive-through and told me I won third place and handed me the trophy through the window.

Chris Jong

Quality Assurance Specialist

Nickname: None
Greatest Drive Current moment: Prior to my first day at DC (just after being hired), I was invited to the annual Christmas party and I won a Chrome Cast at bowling!
Something about me: I’m a hyper, talkative, interesting character. I’m mechanically inclined (I modify cars), I’m an avid video game player, and I love web development.

Osvaldo Lopez

Software Developer

Nickname: Oz
Greatest Drive Current moment: Lunching with Joe & Bryan during their UT visit.
Something about me: I am an adult human male. I strongly prefer some things over others. I find that I spend a disproportionate amount of time pursuing the things I deem favorable while simultaneously minimizing my exposure to the things that displease me. I have interests and hobbies that highlight the finer parts of my personality, and I occasionally enjoy interacting with other human creatures. If I had to describe myself in only one word it would be ‘but’.

Adam Duren

Sr. Software Developer

Nickname: TBD
Greatest Drive Current moment: Drive Current Christmas Parties and watching Joo pretend to be HR with Joe.
Something about me: Earned my degree in Computer Science in 2011, but actually started when my Grandfather helped teach me BASIC circa 1999 on a Radioshack TRS-80. Favorite programming language is Python especially when paired with Django!

Jeri Jean

Head of Administration

Nickname: Radar
Greatest Drive Current moment: Expansion of the office space to accommodate all personnel so those of us who needed to talk weren’t interfering with those that enjoy total silence.
Something about me: Retired from the Navy with 22 years of service in the mid-90′s. Began doing bookkeeping, accounting and hr for Joe and Bryan in the early 2000′s and have been watching their companies and families grow ever since.

Duane Hilton

Software Developer

Nickname: Dew
Greatest Drive Current moment: Playing Zombie Dice during lunch.
Something about me: When I’m not building websites with Python and JavaScript, I’m often hiking in the canyons near Salt Lake City with my wife and two kiddos.

Joel Curl

Software Developer

Nickname: (null)
Greatest Drive Current moment: Building robots at lunch.
Something about me: I have served in the Guard for 6 years and joined Drive Current after my honorable discharge and graduating with a B.S. in C.S. I tend to enjoy things like set theory, Turing machines, and geometry. If you were to describe me in one word, most prefer to use ‘Joel.’